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Ann is an energetic person who forged her skills and creative expression as a potter before turning to photography with a natural focus on texture and form. The discovery of photography awakened her world to an appreciation and recognition of light.  This has led to a pursuit of light on the landscape and to photographic adventures in all weather conditions and wilderness settings. To Ann, water, rock and sand all contain the beauty and mystery of the wild with temptations, ever present, to progress beyond what the eye initially sees to a world of abstract but natural beauty. It is the discovery of this detail which truly enhances the journey.

“The actual taking of the photo is the exciting part.   The search for the best light, the best angle, the best design or the best texture is endlessly fascinating and  enhances the actual experience of travel and walking through the wilderness..”

What you should know


ann ingham


Photographer  &  teacher

Favorite Camera:

canon  7d  and  Mark 1 with  L series lens

Favorite Subjects:

patterns and grasses

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Moreton Island  Brisbane  Australia


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